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Are you a bubblehead? We get you! Come home!

You'll find everything to GROW, HARVEST, WASH, and PRESS at GREEN ZONE GROW SHOPS!

Want to know how to get started?


The Bubble Magic 5-gallon or 20-gallon (we sell both models) makes trichome extraction a breeze. You can use or press the extract into the cleanest 5-star ROSIN you will ever experience! 


How it works.
The Bubble Magic 5-gallon Washer requires around 400g of fresh-frozen (wet) material. The 20-gallon requires around 1600g of fresh-frozen (wet) material. Put that fresh flower away in your freezer on your next harvest, then come down to Green Zone and get the gear! 


What else will you need? 
You'll need the right size bubble bags to filter your extract from the wash. We have several sets to choose from, and our team will be sure you go home with the right ones.


After filtering with the above bags,  you will dry your extract. 
- You can check out the "pizza box dry tech" on youtube for the least expensive method. The result typically looks like chunks of hash.
- Or, using a @Harvest_Right Freeze Dryer, you will have a professionally dried extract within 12-24 hours resembling the consistency of sand. We are official Harvest Right dealers.


What to do at this point?
You can add the product to any flower or edible recipe. Or, you can press out the "juice" from those trichome heads resulting in a very pure and high-end LIVE ROSIN. Yum!!!!


We sell Low Temp PRESSES and POUCHES.
3"x5" V2 - $2450 
4"x7" V2 - $2550
1.9x4 or 2.9x6 Sizes
25 M 
160 M


We also carry the BVV Twist, which resulted in identical yields when tested against the Low Temp press. The Twist is our hobby press and is priced nicely at $439.


Talk to us about your bubblehead thoughts.

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