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The NextLight Plus Pro Is A High Efficiency - Bright White LED Grow Light Designed For Supplemental Greenhouse Use To Help Maximize Your Output

The thin profile design of this all new fixture minimizes shadows in the greenhouse, ensuring max canopy penetration with out over heating your plants. Not only does this help your plants with more even, fuller foliar growth, your yields will increase too! These are also perfect in various indoor applications due to their affordability and ease of use.


Ditch your HPS fixtures, at a lower operating cost than traditional technology, NextLight Plus Pro ensures vigorous production throughout the entire year, without bulb changes and maintenance. You can worry less about your lights and more about what you're actually growing!


The NextLight Control Pro (NOT INCLUDED) can be added for more precise External Dimming Control (0-100%). Including: On/Off Timing, Sunrise/Sunset Programming and more. The NextLight Control Pro can control up to 500 NextLight Pro Series fixtures per controller (250 fixtures per channel). Click here to learn more!


If you have a controller already that you love, check out the NextLight Adapt Pro (NOT INCLUDED) for integration with most third party, 0-10V Controllers. Click here to learn more.

NextLight Plus Pro 320 Watt LED Grow Light

$390.00 Regular Price
$368.00Sale Price
    • 2.6 PPF/W (μmol/J)
    • DLC Hort Listed
    • UL 8800
    • IP65 Wet Rated
    • 5 Year Full Warranty - All Components - Down to the Diode
    • Designed for supplemental greenhouse and various indoor applications
    • External Dimming capabilities (Controller NOT INCLUDED)
    • NextLight’s Full Spectrum is recommended from seed to harvest
    • Passively Cooled
    • Plug & Play - contains power & dimming cords, power supply and mounting hardware.
    • Available in 120V, 240V, 277V, & 277V Open End options
    • 600W HPS Replacement - Less power, less heat, no bulb replacement
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