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🌿 Embrace the Cold: An Exclusive Pelle Polare Workshop! 🌿

The winter of rosin-making is coming, and guess who's leading the snowstorm? The iconic Pelle Polare ❄️, a massive influencer in the rosin-making world, with a following nearing 20,000 on Instagram 📸. From the art of bubble wash magic to pressing finesse - he's reshaped the game of solventless success.

Join us for the 🆓 Pelle Polare Masterclass: Maximizing Thermal Efficiency with Bubble Wash Machines and Rosin Presses. This event is exclusively crafted to provide you with hands-on insights and strategies to elevate your harvest process. Dive into the depths of thermal jacketing systems and synergize with bubble wash machines, rosin presses, and more 🌱.

🗓️ Event Details:
Date: October 14th
Time: 11:00 am - 12:30 pm
Location: Green Zone Grow Shops, 60 Madison St., Worcester, MA
RSVP Today 📞: Limited seating to 25 garden enthusiasts! Call 508-459-9609 to secure your spot.

From the vault of Green Zone Grow Shops 🌳, we're also bringing you everything you need to grow and extract the finest. Think rosin presses, pressing bags, washing machines, bubble wash bags, and much more 💼!

What's more? Grab the golden opportunity to engage in a LIVE Q&A with Pelle Polare himself 🗣️. Pour out your queries, brainstorm, and connect with the expert to redefine your rosin routine 🌿.

Oh, and don't miss out on the exclusive discounts 💸 available only for our workshop attendees. From thermal jackets to bubble wash machines, it's the perfect chance to upgrade your garden arsenal 🛒.

But wait! There's more. At Green Zone Grow Shops, we take pride in fostering a community of passionate growers. Our FREE grow school, DANKU 🎓, is all geared up to nurture your skills, offering a range of classes and workshops. It's more than learning; it's about thriving in a community of like-minded enthusiasts 🌱❤️.

See you at the event, chilly champs! Together, let's create a harvest like never before 🚀.

Warm regards,
Green Zone Grow Shops 🍀

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