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240V Program Device Station(DSP-2)


The TrolMaster DSP-2 program device module (timer module) works like a multi-function timer. The DSP-1 allows the user to easily connect any device that needs to be controlled by TIME to the Hydro-x.  The DSP-2 allows control of any device under the world voltage standard (100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz), up to 10-amps.


LED status:
* Blinking green FAST: If the LED is blinking quickly, that means the module has not been addressed to the controller OR that module does not have a good connection to the controller. *Pressing the small button on the module will address/link the module when first installed.
* Blinking green SLOW: If you see a slowly blinking green LED, that means the module is addressed and connected to the controller, and the module is currently turned OFF.
* SOLID green: If you see the LED is on solid (no blinking) that means the modules are addressed, connected and currently turned ON.
* Blinking red: If you see the LED change to blinking red, that means the module has been overloaded. To reset the overload unplug the module from the power.
* By pressing and holding the button on the DSP-2, users can manually override the module and turn it ON / OFF.


All DS type modules provide global plug type, please check the following chart to check if it is compatible with your country.


TrolMaster DS Modules Plug List

240V Program Device Station(DSP-2)

$87.00 Regular Price
$82.65Sale Price
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