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CO2 Alarm Station 2(AS-2)


The AS-2 CO2 Alarm Station is an audible-visual alarm module that features a color-coded LED display indicator and a LCD digital ppm level display. It is designed to be mounted outside of grow-room or grow facilities to monitor the CO2 ppm level. The AS-2 can be linked to either AL-1or AL-2 CO2 sensors channel, or it can be linked to both sensor channels for complete redundancy.


The green LED indicator shows the CO2 level is below 800ppm which means the room is safe to enter. The yellow LED indicator shows CO2 level equal or above 800ppm which means supplemental CO2 is in use. The AS-2 will sound an audible alarm and blinking red LED indicator in the event of the CO2 level going above the user’ s preferred level set in the Carbon-X main controller.


*Note: The AS-2 requires the SPH-1 for supplemental power.

CO2 Alarm Station 2(AS-2)

$209.00 Regular Price
$198.55Sale Price
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