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CO2 Alarm Station (Blue light)(AS-4)


The AS-4 CO2 Alarm Station is an audible-visual alarm module that features a Blue light LED display indicator and a
LCD digital ppm level display. It is designed to be mounted outside of grow-room or grow facilities to monitor the CO2
ppm level. The AS-4 can be linked to either AL-1or AL-2 CO2 sensors channel, or it can be linked to both sensor channels for complete redundancy.


The AS-4 will sound an audible alarm and blink the Blue LED indicator in the event of the CO2 level going above the user’ s preferred level set in the Carbon-X main controller.


*Note: The AS-4 requires the SPH-1 for supplemental power.

CO2 Alarm Station (Blue light)(AS-4)

$209.00 Regular Price
$198.55Sale Price
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