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The Ultimate Low-Profile Full-Spectrum LED

The ROI-E200 is the newest member of the ROI-E series. With its versatile compact design and high-intensity 4000K spectrum, this fixture is excellent for commercial cultivators that need reliable low profile lights that perform excellently in all stages of growth and excel in veg. The ROI-E200 was also designed to be a functional seed to flower fixture, for the hobbyist looking to cultivate a quality garden in limited space.


What comes in the box?

  • ROI-E200 Series LED Grow Light
  • 1 ft. Connecting Cable
  • 9 ft. 240 Volt - M25 Plug
  • Information Page
  • 120/240 Volt Adaptor
  • User Manual
  • Rope Ratchet



High Performance & Savings

For growers with strict requirements on power, this fixture cranks out 500 umols/s. At 200 Watts of power, that gives this system an PAR efficinecy of 2.5 umols/J.


With dimming capabilities and a voltage range of 120 Volts - 277 Volts, you truly can find the perfect amount of power output and consumption.


Full Phase Spectrum

This fixture delivers the entire spectrum of light to your plants, giving them exactly what they need to grow big and beautiful.


Grower's Choice famous GC-4K Full Phase Spectrum for will bring your plants to new heights with the best possible LED diodes available.


Mounting & Recommended Hanging Distance

The ROI Series can be mounted to the supporting structure or frame by suspending with carabiner cables (not provided) or other suspension means using the four mounting rings on the fixture. Maximum fixture weight: 13 lbs


Mount the light bars at least 6'' from the top of your canopy for optimal light efficiency and uniformity. Always allow for adequate ventilation of fixture. The rope ratchet kit provided with luminair


External Control with the Grower's Choice Master Lighting Controller

The ROI-E200 is controllable with Grower’s Choice Master Controller and is compatible with all quality master controllers. Cultivators can set the fixture to turn off and on at desired times, program sunrise/sunset settings, program dimming options and set protective fail safes to dim or turn off fixtures in the event of excessive room temperatures, such as in the event of HVAC failure, potential saving gardens from heat damage.


This dual-channel controller allows daisy chaining up to 100 fixtures per zone. En-abling complete control of your growing environment with timed on/off switching, sunrise/sunset, and precise temperature readings with dual thermal probes and thermal-threshold auto dim-shutdown for additional protection.

Grower's Choice ROI-E200 LED 200W Grow Light

$349.99 Regular Price
$324.99Sale Price
  • Brand Growers Choice
    SKU GC-ROI-E200
    Weight (lb.) 13
    Prop 65 No
    Length (in.) 43.2
    Width (in.) 23.3
    Height (in.) 2.3
    Warranty 5 Year
    Lead Time This product ships in 1-2 Business Days
    Lighting Type LED
    LED Light Spectrum Full Spectrum
    LED Fixture Type Multi-Bar
    LED Features Manual Dimming Knob, Dimmable *with Controller
    Est. Electricity Cost /mo $8.64
    Exact Watts 200 Watts
    Suggested Hanging Height > 6" Above Canopy
    LED Diode Type Osram LED diodes
    PAR Efficiency 2.55 μmol/J
    Total PPF Output 500 µmol/s
    Power Factor > 90%
    Voltage 120-277 Volt
    Amps 1.75 Amps @ 120 Volts, 1 Amps @ 208 Volts, 0.87 Amps @ 240 Volts, 0.75 Amps @ 277 Volts
    Frequency 50/60 Hz
    Power Cord(s) Included M25 Plug with 120 Volt & 240 Volt Adapter
    Power Cord Length 9 ft.
    Coverage Area Veg: 4' x 2'; Flower: 4' x 2'
    Grow Light Certifications IP65 Rated, DLC Listed, UL Listed
    UL Listed Yes
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