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Introducing The Growers Choice ROI-E680S,

An Enhanced 2nd Generation Redesign Of One Of The Best Lights On The Market

Continuing its renowned heritage of proven harvests with optimal light distributin, greater heat mangement for higher performance, and an upgraded confromal coating resutoling in a greater resilience ot chimical contaminants. The fixture has been reengineered with enhanced controller capabilities, a blanced slimmer profile, and upgraded internal components to enhance performance to the limit. True to its legacy, the ROI-E680S continues to lead the industry in cultivation technology.



Balanced Spectrum, incorporating Growers Choice famous 3K CMH Full Phase Spectrum for superior growing power with best possible LED diodes available.


This fixture provides you with total control over everything. Onboard dimming functionality allows growers to set the ideal intensity at any stage of plant growth for optimal photosynthesis activation. Also it is compatible with most lighting controllers, including Growers Choice Master Lighting Controller.



  • ROI-E680S LED System
  • 9' Connecting Cable
  • Information Page
  • Carabiner Cables
  • Metal Hangers


PPF & Par Efficacy

The ROI-E680S produces a PPF output of 1770 umol/s and a PAR efficacy of 2.6 umol/J making this fixture incredibly efficient compared to other commercial fixures.


Energy Output

The Growers Choice ROI-E680S provides its users with an average 40% less HVAC costs and up to 40% energy savings! The ROI-E680S not only maximizes light output to help penetrate the canopy and reach those hard to see leaves, but saves you money using less energy in the long run.

The Growers Choice ROI-680S LED grow light allows for even light distribution, and is precisely designed to deliver uniform levels of photosynthesis flux density, or PPFD.



The highly specialized full spectrum fills the negligence of the main photoreceptors and pigments outside the 660nm and 450nm range, and it is suitable for reproduction to aging in indoor environments.


The overall color temperature of FSM's full spectrum is controlled at 3000-3300K, which increases the radiant energy of red light at 660nm wavelength in white light. It provides a beautiful working environment and a more realistic color reproduction degree at a CRI level of 85.


External Control

Pair the ROI-E680S with the Growers Choice Master Lighting Controller

This dual-channel controller allows daisy chaining up to 100 fixtures per zone. Enabling complete control of your growing environment with timed on/off switching, sunrise/sunset, and precise temperature readings with dual thermal probes and thermal-threshold auto dim-shutdown for additional protection.

Grower's Choice ROI-E680S LED 680W Grow Light

$999.00 Regular Price
$749.00Sale Price
  • Brand Growers Choice
    SKU GC-ROI-E680S
    Weight (lb.) 30
    Prop 65 No
    Length (in.) 42.4
    Width (in.) 42
    Height (in.) 2.4
    Warranty 5 Year
    Lead Time This product ships in 1-2 Business Days
    Lighting Type LED
    LED Light Spectrum Full Spectrum
    LED Fixture Type Multi-Bar
    LED Features Manual Dimming Knob, Dimmable *with Controller
    Est. Electricity Cost /mo $29.38
    Exact Watts 680 Watts
    HID Equivalent 1000 Watt
    Suggested Hanging Height 6"
    LED Diode Type Osram Top Bin Diodes
    PAR Efficiency 2.6 umol/J
    Total PPF Output 1770 umol/s
    Power Factor >90%
    Daisy Chain Yes
    Voltage 120-277 Volt
    Amps 6.1A @ 120V; 3.5A @ 208V; 3A @ 240V; 2.7A @ 277V
    Frequency 50/60 Hz
    Power Cord(s) Included 120 Volt Cord with 240 Volt Adapter
    Power Cord Length 11 ft.
    Coverage Area Veg: 6' x 6'; Flower: 5' x 5'
    Grow Light Certifications IP65 Rated, DLC Listed, ETL Listed
    UL Listed No
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