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Install With Ease With The MRCOOL Easy Pro Do-It-Yourself Mini-Split

The MRCOOL Easy Pro Do-It-Yourself Mini Split packs huge cooling benefits in a easy to install package. With the ability to cool up to 1000 square feet, this is the perfect set up for open-concept homes, greenhouses, garages, and more! These systems include a 16 foot pre-charged line set so you're ready to go out of the box! These revolutionary linesets make installation safer, easier, and cheaper for the DIY'er at home. The Easy Pro also includes the new DIY PRO cables. These cables come encased to ensure protection from the environment, as well as curious animals and pesky lawnmowers! The MRCOOL Easy Pro DIY helps you save money with self installation, while increasing savings from standard AC units.


The MRCOOL Easy Pro DIY is based off of the industry leading MRCOOL DIY systems customers have come to know and love, but include a smaller line set and slightly lower SEER rating. This helps reduce the prices dramatically so MRCOOL can fit into anyones budget. Couplers are available to extend line sets to fit every need. These units also include a 1 year compressor and 2 year parts warranty so you can feel confident in feeling cool!


The MRCOOL Easy Pro includes almost all of the features of it's heavy weight counterparts. This includes features such as the "Follow Me" mode where your air conditioner unit focuses it's efforts where-ever you are as long as you have the remote with you. There's also the "Sleep Mode" which will maximize efficiency while you sleep soundly at night. With it's multitude of features and functions and it's groundbreaking price point, the Easy Pro DIY arrives as one of the most convenient, efficient options on the market.

MRCOOL Easy Pro DIY Mini-Split Air Conditioner With Heat Pump, Pre-Charged Line-

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