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 🌱 Unearth Your Green Potential: Free Classes at DANKU 🌿

Hey Growers and Green Enthusiasts! 🌿💪


April at DANKU brings you a fresh opportunity to deepen your gardening know-how without spending a dime. We at Green Zone Grow Shops are excited to offer you a series of free classes every Saturday, tailored to enhance your green skills from the ground up.


What's Growing This Month:

  • Propagation (4/6): Learn the art of starting your garden from the very seed.

  • Vegging (4/13): Gain insights into nurturing and strengthening your plants.

  • Blooming (4/20): Discover techniques to bring your garden to a vibrant bloom.

  • Harvest, Dry, Cure (4/27): Master the end-to-end process for a successful harvest.


Guided by our expert grower, Joe D (@citygrown), these sessions are designed to be insightful, practical, and above all, accessible to everyone. Whether you're just planting your first seed or looking to refine your existing skills, these classes have got you covered.


More Than Just Classes:

  • Enjoy a 10% discount on non-electronic items around class times – perfect for gearing up your garden.

  • Complete the course and walk away with valuable certificates and sponsor goodies.

Remember, at Green Zone Grow Shops, we're committed to providing quality education at no cost. We believe everyone should have the chance to grow their garden dreams into reality.


🚶‍♂️ So, step into our store at 60 Madison St, Worcester, and join our growing community. Let's make this January a month of learning, growth, and community – all for free!


See you at DANKU!

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