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Wow! We had a great time at @the_harvest_cup on Nov 12,13. Hats off to the organizers. Huge thank you to our amazing volunteers who went above and beyond. We love you all.

Great to see so many familiar faces, plus many new ones!

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Congrats to the 2022 Harvest Cup Winners!

It was exciting following many of the journeys from the grow shop.

Below are links to the winners' social media if you want to check them out.

- CBD Flower & Extract (Whipped White Grape Breath Terp Crystals) @northeastalternatives

- Concentrates (Unicorn Poop - Live Rosin) @zerogravitycannabis2.0

- Linalool Terp (Half Pint) @towerthreellc

- Terpinolene Terp (Ghost Train Haze) @smythcannabisco

- Caryophyllene Terp (Sugar Berry Scone) @house.of.cultivar

- Myrcene Terp (Sour Cherry Larry) Flower Factory

- Limonene Terp (Apex) @baygrown_corp

- Topicals - Therapeutic (Topical Pain Cream) Mom's Confections

- Topicals - Cosmetics (Herb Your Enthusiasm Hemp Oil Lotion) @northeastalternatives

- Tinctures/Capsules (Sleep Capsules) @ervaherb

- Sweet Edibles (Snicker Bites) @northeastalternatives

- Savory Edibles (Honey Roasted Sesame Sticks) @girlthatgrows

- CBD Edibles (Celtic Sea Salt & Aged Scottish Whiskey Caramels) @greenlove.organics_chef

- Syrups/Sauces/Condiments (Casper's Panic Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce) @northeastalternatives

- Beverages (Pink Pineapple Drink Mixer) @squiersedibles#508 


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The 2022 Harvest Cup MEGA Raffle Live Drawing is complete.
Congratulations to the winners, and thanks for entering!

It was a pleasure meeting you all
Please visit us soon!

Winners, please get in touch with our store to arrange a prize pickup and promo photo. We will also be emailing you directly.

Thanks again to our fantastic prize sponsors for supporting the Central MA Growing Community.

See you next year at @the_harvest_cup!

1. Chris Kaczmarek - HLG Blackbird LED Grow Light (@HLGusa)
2. Todd Moss - Mars Hydro 3x3 Grow Kit (@Official_MarsHydro)
3. Ryan Buell - Heavy 16 Full Run (@Heavy16Official)
4. Brian Vertefeuille - Heavy 16 Full Run
5. amelia moose - Heavy 16 Full Run
6. John Willette - Athena Full Run (
7. Sharon Kelley - Advanced Nutrient Starter Kit (@AdvandcedNutrientsOfficial)
8. Eric Duarte - Advanced Nutrient Starter Kit
9. Scott Johnson - Advanced Nutrient Starter Kit
10. Dawn Stuller - Advanced Nutrient Starter Kit
11. Ana Azevedo - Mammoth Lighting 100 Watt Grow Bar (@MammothLighting)
12. Ashley Quinn - Magical Butter Extractor (@Magicalbutter)
13. Douglas Rodriguez - Recharge 5 lb bag (@RealGrowersReacharge)
14. Paul Rousey - Recharge 8 oz bag
15. Cody Roux - Recharge 8 oz bag
16. Daniel Barna - Recharge 8 oz bag
17. Dylan Downes - Recharge 8 oz bag
18. Rob Lockhart - Recharge 8 oz bag
19. Jen Krahala - Recharge 8 oz bag
20. Michael Turchetta - 6-Pack Rain Science Grow Bags (@RainScience_Growbags)
21. Anna Jameson - 6-Pack Rain Science Grow Bags
22. Jodi LeBel - P31 Microbes (@P31Microbes)
23. Alex Acquaviva - Si28 SAFe

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