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As a medium multi-strip LED grow light, FC4800 is suggested for small-scale cultivation or commercial veg grow. Installed with Samsung LM301B chips and broad spectra, FC4800 utilizes a uniform photon distribution to acquire an even PPID and optimal PPF across the plant canopy.

  • Wattage - 480w
  • Personal Cultivation Coverage - 4x4 ft
  • Commercial Cultivation Coverage - 3x3 ft


Commercial cultivator’s preferred light solution for single or multi-tier racking and various indoor plant grow scenarios.

Mars Hydro FC 4800 480W LED Grow Light

SKU: MH-FC-4800
  • Superb Quality LED Chips: The whole light is composed of 1680 pcs Samsung lm301b chips. More than two times as many LEDs are used to drive the grow lights at low currents and to avoid overdrive. Quality is guaranteed and efficiency is up to 2.85 μmol/j.

    Even PAR Distribution and High PPFD Output: The multi-light bar design and the densely distributed light chips enable the LED grow lights to achieve the optimum PPFD required for plant growth over the entire effective coverage area.

    Specifically Designed Spectrum: To ensure even plant growth, blue and red light are enhanced on the basis of a full spectrum combination. Not only does this accelerate plant growth, but it also improves the yield and quality of the plants at the same time.

    Dimming Daisy Chain Function: The dimming function saves on electricity costs and enables brightness from 10% to 100% for the different stages of plant growth. A single master light can connect up to 30 lights in a daisy-chain system.

    Business LED Grow Light: The light's wavy heat sink dissipates heat quickly. 180° collapsible feature for easier installation. All these features provide favorable assistance for commercial cultivation.

    DLC Certified & 5 Years Warranty: DLC-certified LED grow lights have the highest standard in the industry, both in terms of quality and efficiency. Locally serviceable and with a 5-years warranty to solve any quality issues.

  • WATTAGE 480W±5%@AC120-277V
    MAX COVERAGE 4'x4'
    PPE 2.85μmol/j
    PPF 1366umol/S
    CHIP BRAND Samsung lm301B

    380-410nm 650-665nm 730-740nm 2800-3000K 4800-5000K

    MAX YIELD 3.0g/W
    VOLTAGE AC100-277V

    3.995A@AC120V 2.024A@AC240V 1.780A@AC277V

    BTU 1636.8
    LIFESPAN 50000 H
    WARRANTY 5 years
    DIMENSION 830*820*100.5MM
    WEIGHT(KG) 8.8
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