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Born for commercial cultivation with supplemental CO2 applications, FC8000 LED grow light supplies uniform PPFD averaging 1500μmol/m²/s, sufficient to activate 100% photosynthesis and obtain maximum yield at different CO2 concentrations.


Samsung LM301B powered stronger penetration, more consistent output for comprehensive lighting care.

  • Wattage - 800w
  • Personal Cultivation Coverage - 5x5 ft
  • Commercial Cultivation Coverage - 4x4 ft


Commercial cultivator’s preferred light solution for single or multi-tier racking vertical farms and various indoor plant grow scenarios.

Mars Hydro FC 8000 800W LED Grow Light

SKU: MH-FC-8000
  • Top-Notch LED Diodes: FC8000 mounts 2968 pcs Samsung LM301B diodes. Make use of more than twice as many LEDs as comparable lights to drive the grow lights with a low current to stay away from overdrive. Quality guaranteed and high efficiency up to 2.9 μmol/j.

    Professional Spectra For Plant Production: Enhanced blue and red light as a specific spectral combination, boosting plant growth while improving the year-round yield and product quality.

    Consistent PAR Distribution and Uniform PPFD Output: Multi-light bar style and dense layout of light diodes enable FC8000 LED grow light to have PPFD values in the range of 1000-1500 μmol/m²/s throughout the effective coverage area, the optimal range for cultivation with added CO2.

    Daisy-chain Dimming Function: The dimming function is available for 0-100% variable brightness, adapts to different plant growth stages. Max 30 lights can be daisy-chained together and be controlled by one master light.

    Commercial LED Grow Light: Wave-shaped heat sink increases the heat dissipation area to achieve superior cooling. Detachable design, easier for installation and store.

  • WATTAGE 800W±5%@100-277V
    MAX COVERAGE 5'x5'
    PPE 2.9μmol/j
    PPF 2309umol/S
    CHIP BRAND Samsung lm301B
    SPECTRUM 660-665nm,2800-3000K,4800-5000K
    MAX YIELD 3.0g/W
    DRIVER Mars Hydro
    VOLTAGE AC100-277V
    AMPS 6.635A@AC120V 3.266A@AC240V 2.847A@AC277V
    BTU 2728
    LIFESPAN 50000 H
    WARRANTY 5 years
    DIMENSION 1151*1151*75MM
    WEIGHT(KG) 12
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