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Grow Like A Pro Utilizing The NextLight Pro Series Controller To Control Up To 500 Lights

Capable of powering up to 500 NextLight Pro Grow Lights (250 fixtures per channel), the Control Pro is the only hub you need for total control over your indoor grow space. The NextLight Control Pro enables Dim-to-Off, Dimming Control and Programming for NextLight Pro Series products. Designed for controlling NextLight Pro Series fixtures. The proprietary signal path used, allows more fixtures to dim simultaneously without signal loss than traditional 0-10V technology.


Loaded with dimming control, the Control Pro lets you adjust the power output of your grow light so you can fine tune your operation, ensuring you're giving your plants exactly what they need. The Control Pro features a built-in timer that lets you simulate sunrise and sunset, and daily shutdown or power-up of your grow lights giving you more time to focus on the finer details. And, as a safety feature, the Control Pro features a temperature sensor that automatically dims and shuts down your lights at particular temperatures so you have to worry less!


If you already own a third party 0-10V controller and wish to integrate it with NextLight Pro Series fixtures, please see NextLight Adapt Pro. Learn more here!

NextLight Control Pro Grow Light Controller (Pro Series ONLY)

$156.00 Regular Price
$150.00Sale Price
    • Dimming Control - Adjusting output power of your light fixtures
    • On/Off Timing - Set precise times for daily shut off
    • Sunrise/Sunset Simulation over 60 minute periods
    • Included Temperature Sensor allows dimming and shut off at designated temperature thresholds
    • 5 Year Full Warranty
    • **ONLY FOR** NextLight Pro LED Series
    • NextLight Control Pro x1
    • 12V AC/DC Adapter x1
    • Temperature Sensor x1
    • Control Cable (20') x2
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